August 2017

The 11th National Residential Ringing Week Concert


Friday 4 August, The Edge, Sheffield University.

Wendy Walters, AHR Musical Director, flanked by Elizabeth Treweeks and Ruth Cantlay.

Photo by Alan Walters

The conductors for this handbell concert included the main man of the Singapore music scene, Damien Lim, the advanced American conductor, Michael Glasgow and maestro, Helen Secker, from this country.

The team of Ringers, including Wendy Walters, our Musical Director, had spent the week at Sheffield University learning to play a new set of handbell music which culminated in a grand public performance on Friday night. 

We, a group of five members of our Alton Handbell Ringers team, had the honour of attending the concert last Friday night and were impressed and held spellbound by the performance.

The array of bells laid out before us when we took our seats was amazing, ranging from tiny bells to huge bells, some of which were too heavy to pick up and...