November 2019

Stoke-on-Trent South U3A at Longton Methodist Church

Thursday 28th November 2019 was the date for our second Full Team Christmas Concert. The Methodist Hall in the lively metropolis of Longton was our venue. The event was run and organised  by Stoke-on-Trent South U3A. A  mid-week early afternoon is not a usual time for our full team but everyone gathered for our 2.00pm start. The parking faculties were superb as we had to use the Tesco/Argos/Next site which was at the rear of the Methodist Hall. I must say it was very pleasant  using this park without the necessity of having to endure hours of shopping!!

However, it turned out that this resulted in a route march carrying tables and all that we require a distance of some 115 yards and climbing 21 steps for each single journey. It really was a workout before we even started.

After setting up we were ready in good time for our performance...

The Heart of England Handbell Rally, Halesowen, 26th October 2019

What weather! What a day! The drive down to Halesowen in the pouring rain, which went on all day, it was horrendous! We ploughed through pools and rivers right across the road and encountered numerous traffic jams as well!

When we had carried all our equipment into the Church hall, through the driving rain, and set up, we had a welcome cup of hot tea and settled down to enjoy the rally.

The opening remark announced by the compère was “ Here is an important announcement, England have won the Rugby match 19 to 7!”

There was a cheer and then he introduced the Handbell Team that was the first to play, to start the Rally entertainment. We settled back on our comfortable chairs to listen. The playing was crisp and clear with the booming of the bells ringing out loudly. The acoustics were good in the hall and in the...