April 2020

Bells Or Bells? And Belles

Do you remember the time, or is it all hearsay

When we used to meet, every time on a  Wednesday

We used to start on the dot, at seven o'clock

For us all to ring bells, together en bloc.


The tunes used to flow with a regular beat

But remember it's not liked, if you tap your feet.

To help us achieve this and  keep us in time

There’s Wendy with arms waving, so sublime


The tunes are so varied some fast and some slow.

Occasionally someone has a one note solo,

If this is the case make sure you don't miss it

So play it with gusto and you'll get the credit.


The sessions will finish after two hours at nine

We have been known to have red or white wine

The occasion is only when it's someones birthday

so we round off the evening with...