November 2016

The Bells Rang Out for Christmas


The handbells rang out in Denstone Farm Shop, turning heads, brightening faces. Adults and children laughed and clapped.  Joy was all around.

The farm shop was full, “jammed packed” I would say!

 Many sang along to the tinkling sounds of Jingle Bells with eyes lit up and Christmas spirit in every one of them, helped a little bit I think with the imbibing of mulled wine!

Silent Night rings out clear and bright, pure notes with holy tone and atmosphere into the night.

The ringing ends with We Wish You a Merry Christmas and The Stubwood Singers take the stage with their dulcet tones.

Jean Reilly

123….I love handbells…

Yes…”123…I love handbells” is the accepted way to take a bow. This is what we did after a successful and very enjoyable evening at Wolstanton United Reform Church  where we performed with the excellent  Not Strictly Barbershop singers on Saturday November 19th.

We arrived at the church on a very cold November evening (note to team..wear vests to all performances) and performed a number of our favourite arrangements.  Some of the more haunting melodies (‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’,‘The Rose’,  ‘Sakura’,  ‘ Brother James’  Air ‘) filled the church, which has such good acoustics.  I think the beautiful sounds even surprised us!  Members of the audience were quite moved…

“A lovely calm and relaxing sound…”

“Something really beautiful and different…”        were some of the kind comments.  Everyone agreed that we’d done a good job (“best handbells I’ve heard!” was an accolade from  one gentleman.)

We were joined in the concert by...