May 2023

Alton Hand bell Ringers performance at Bethesda chapel, Hanley 13/05/23

12 Bell Team At Bethesda Chapel May 13th

Bethesda chapel is one of the largest nonconformist chapels outside of London and was built in 1819.

The chapel ceased to be used in 1985and quickly fell into the hands of vandals and home to hundreds of pigeons. In 2002 it was acquired by the Historic Chapels Trust (HCT) and there has been a long campaign of fund raising in an attempt to restore what is a wonderful building.

Most of the organ pipes were illegally removed and sold for scrap and a replacement organ was sourced from another church in Manchester.

It can seat 2000 people and has a vast single span ceiling which was fully restored in 2007, following the acquisition of the chapel by HCT.

Sadly now, HCT has run out of funds and is due to close in the near future, putting the building at further risk and it is currently on the market.

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