Bells at Draycott 10.2.19

It was a packed house when I arrived at the cosy church hall with 3 minutes to spare. Luckily for me I had a front row seat with my two children as my mum was one of the bell ringers!

The bells, music and associated paraphernalia were laid out on sumptuous velvet, whilst the ringers were dressed in black with matching scarves; dapper bow-ties for the men! All looked very professional, from the tiniest bell my son tested out, to the largest, which wouldn't have looked out of place in a church tower!

The ringers began their first set, the melodious and mesmerising tones filling the sunlit hall. The pieces were varied and played to perfection, ranging from tunes from popular musicals to original compositions for handbells, capturing the beauty of the stars and the aurora. The concentration on the faces of the ringers was evident- timing is key!

Some amazing and original singing and accompanying keyboard marked the end of the first and beginning of the second halves, whilst the good- humoured audience were treated to tea and homemade cake.

The bell ringers commenced their second set with the same enthusiasm for their art as before- interspersed with engaging insights into the pieces and the surprising variety of methods of creating the beautiful sounds. A delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon; well done Wendy and the team!

Lucy Wilson 11.2.19