Bells Or Bells? And Belles

Do you remember the time, or is it all hearsay

When we used to meet, every time on a  Wednesday

We used to start on the dot, at seven o'clock

For us all to ring bells, together en bloc.


The tunes used to flow with a regular beat

But remember it's not liked, if you tap your feet.

To help us achieve this and  keep us in time

There’s Wendy with arms waving, so sublime


The tunes are so varied some fast and some slow.

Occasionally someone has a one note solo,

If this is the case make sure you don't miss it

So play it with gusto and you'll get the credit.


The sessions will finish after two hours at nine

We have been known to have red or white wine

The occasion is only when it's someones birthday

so we round off the evening with a short soiree


One day a visitor came to surprise us

An unwelcome guest in the form of a virus

So meetings were canceled, no longer could we meet

Stay two meters apart when you walk down the street.


I'm missing these evenings of laughter and fun

But we all will be back when the dark days are done.

In the meantime I decided,to replicate these days

In a way that reflects my inimitable ways.


I wanted to energize, keep active my brain cells

So up to the loft to get my collection of Bells.

When last Wednesday came and  at seven o'clock

I started my practice a new skill to unlock


The Bells were lined up a full octave at least

Then practice began and the Bells number decreased

The tempo was steady, at the beginning

But before long, my head it was spinning.


The first tune that came out was by AC/DC

Titled of course 'Have a Drink On Me'

This was then followed by Metallica

A good old favourite, 'Whiskey in the Jar.'


It was Nine o'clock now, it had soon come around    

My feet were unsteady let alone tap  the ground.

My evening hadn't gone quite as I planned

The sound that I made was not AHR band.


I look forward to the day, when isolation is completed

And the unwanted guest we have finally defeated.

So look after yourselves and we will then ring those bells

See you soon Alan, Dave and all you wonderful BELLES

Peter Walker 8.4.20