Draycott Bells Concert 10.2.19

What a lovely audience! Everyone in the Church Hall was very welcoming. As we began to play our opening music, “Celebration”, there was a “feel good” factor straight away. We were all determined to play everything with feeling and to the best of our ability together with good dynamics and no racing away!

Our peripheral vision was totally concentrated on Wendy”s wand!

The audience looked rapturous; that is, what little I could see of them without taking my eyes off the music.

My daughter, Lucy and my two grandchildren were in the audience, sitting on the front row. I was determined that, as a team, we gave a good impression. I even tried to smile a little as I played!

In some of the pieces Morgan, the youngest, looked mesmerised but I have to admit in some parts of the performance they both looked pretty tired and a little bored with the proceedings. Not to worry, the delicious tea and cakes cheered them up no end and gave them the boost to watch the second half!

During the half time break two ladies sang some solos and duets, accompanied by a talented pianist. My word they were very good, reaching some amazingly high notes! They were splendid and we could have a rest and a sit down to listen to some well known songs from the shows and operas.

Our second half began with “You Raise Me Up”, which was a good choice because we needed something to “ Raise us Up” after the tea and cakes! The audience too looked uplifted (excuse the pun), very good dynamics in this one.

There was a stillness in the Hall throughout our playing of the Polaris piece. We played it softly and carefully, almost holding our breath and it sounded magical. I think we could imagine the moving colours of the Northern Lights spreading across a vast sky.

In contrast to this the audience sang along heartily to “3 For the Road”and “Over the Rainbow”; no wrong notes or keys from the singers, at least!

Our Finale was the “ Vivaldi” arrangement which went down well. They all seemed have enjoyed themselves and so did we. The concert was rated a great success!

Jean Reilly 11.2.19