From a new recruit.

I was lucky enough to see the posters for the Open Evening in the village, and I thought I would go along to see what it was all about.  I'd long held an interest in musical activities, but they'd largely been confined to the privacy of my own home, or with a group of (generally impressed!) first school aged children.  Having recently retired from the teaching profession, I was ready to be taught a new activity.  I was so impressed. The sound of so many bells and chimes, co-ordinated with much skill and patience was beautiful and I was hooked!

So … I found myself at the audience end of the line of bell ringers at my first performance, suddenly realising what I'd put so many children through during so many school concerts.  I froze, and managed only two half-hearted notes in the first piece after completely losing my place.  However, my confidence grew (after a quick internal word with myself) and I think I hit the right notes on most occasions, whilst thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

So many thanks to all of my new musical friends for such a patient and warm welcome.  It's really good to be part of the team.