A Sideways Look at a Concert

Thursday the thirteenth in the month of December

Although a cold night, a night to remember.

Off into the hills, a concert  for us all.

The venue to be played at was Whiston village hall.


Time to set up and check you have the right bell,

Put the C.D's on a table during the interval to sell.

Time for a photograph: let's all form a group.

The young one with no tie at the back he must stoop.


To ring a selection of pieces was our intent

As we all looked forward to this special event.

A Women's Institute party with gifts and balloons,

Fancy hats, Christmas trees and other festoons.


With bells nicely polished and music on stands

We stood at the ready with bells in our hands.

Wendy set us all going and as time did elapse

One of the stands, it decided, to have a relapse.


The ringers at eighteen and down to fifteen

Were now left to play with their music unseen

But Wendy to the rescue and was quick to put right

The stand, she adjusted, back to a  correct height


The rest of the first  half went without any hitch

And then it was time to have a sandwich.

There was plenty of food. What a wonderful spread:

Lobby, soup, casseroles and lots of fresh bread.


After trifle, pavlova and a selection of  cakes

Let's start second half and make no mistakes.

Now's the time, for our audience, to join in and sing

Unfortunately not at the same speed that we ring.


A difficult piece is ‘Three for the Road’.

The words would fit  better if only we'd slowed.

But, so what, it's a great bit of fun

That brings laughter to all when it's all done.


At all of our concerts there's laughter and fun

And ringing and chiming till it’s all done.

Then put bells in their bags, dismantle the tables

And, at some venues, disconnect all the cables.


Two vehicles to load, bring everything out,

Each of us carrying, it's like a workout.

To get it all in is a really tight squeeze

But with Alan in charge its done in a breeze.


We're quite a big team, too many to name,

But to miss us all out would seem quite a shame,

So let's give it a go see how we get on.

(At this point it's a pity there isn't a John.)


There's Josie and Joan, Sonja and Lynne,

Judith and Beryl, Wendy and Jean,

Callum the only one still  a young teen,

Sarah and Dave, Peter, Alan, Sue R.

There is also Sue F, that's all, Hoorah!


We wear a smart uniform, red scarves and bow ties

But cufflinks are banned for us old fashioned guys

I found out to my cost 'cause they create an odd sound

When on the end of the base chimes they tend to rebound.


The ladies also have to watch how they dress

Although they usually all like to impress.

No buttons on tops or necklaces too long

‘Cause when damping the bells they tend to go ding dong.


Well that's it for this year, as a full team,

But it won't be long now, before our normal regime

Of practice on Wednesdays, meet at Glenfield

Ready for Wendy her baton to wield.

Peter  19.12.18