A Walk on the Wild Side

A magical Moment

Iridescent colours rise and arc,

Floating lights, an ethereal wonder,

With luminous, ghostly dancers in the dark.

A colourful, shimmering waterfall of fire and light,

Swirling and whirling against the dark backdrop of the night

Rainbow ribbons intertwining, colours flowing and curving

With rippling waves of fluorescent light,

Dancing, dipping and rising, then finally fading out of sight.

Recently the Alton Handbells ringers team have set out to practise and perfect a new musical composition called “Polaris and the Northern Lights”.  It was written by Brendon Bevan who resides in Toronto and is studying music and musical composition at York University.  Apparently he first began playing handbells at the age of five at his home church.

When we first tried this new music we were not quite prepared for the impact it would have on us individually.  We were all very impressed by the powerful effect that emanated from the sound.

 What first seemed like a series of uncomplicated individual notes gradually blended together and became a surreal, heavenly sound which transported us into a space amongst the stars.

As we practised and perfected the piece we became involved and immersed in its beauty.  We could imagine looking up and witnessing the magic of the swirling lights spreading across the heavens, together with the star, Polaris, burning brightly in the night sky.


Jean Reilly 6.6.17