What a warm welcome from the WI at Kniveton on 23 September!

Here are some of the comments I recorded after our concert, while we were tucking in to a delicious buffet.

Mary: I thought it was absolutely fantastic.  Apart from the sound - the way that your bells match your scarves and the glitter; it’s lovely, the presentation.  But the tunes were wonderful.  I will say that my granddaughter plays the clarinet.  When I listen to her practising, she always has to finish with ‘Ode to Joy’ because it’s my favourite, so to hear that was wonderful.

Molly:  It’s the first time I’ve seen bell ringers and they’re absolutely fantastic.  Really, really good and I would love to see them again.

Ann:  I think they’re fantastic.  And they all look so smart together and looking so happy.  You’re happy with what you’re doing.

Be: I think it’s been a wonderful evening.  Years and years ago, I did learn bell ringing but it was nothing like as fantastic as now.  And, of course, you’re more sophisticated now than we ever were. A wonderful, wonderful evening.

Angela:  I think the evening has been fantastic.  Really thoroughly enjoyed it.  Fabulous sounds and we’ve actually managed to have a go at the bells and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very, very good.

Jackie:  Amazing.  Amazing.  I especially liked the chimes; they were wonderful.  And when you do the combination of the two it’s stunning, stunning.

Helen:  I thought it was absolutely amazing. I just wanted to close my eyes and float away on something like a lullaby.  Just tremendous.

Sue Fraser