Woodcroft WI at Leek

Woodcroft WI Leek

14th November 2023

Our last event before focusing on Christmas was a full team performance for Woodcroft WI in St Luke's church, Leek. We played nine pieces on 3 octaves including some original compositions for handbells as well as arrangements of well known tunes. When we played Shepherd's Hey, with the bells all malleted, there were a couple of Morris Dancers in the audience who were tempted to join in. Perhaps the church aisle was a bit small for dancing.

We also played three pieces on 12 bells from our 'Last Night of the Proms' section to show the range of music available to handbell ringers.

They were a very enthusiastic and welcoming audience and we enjoyed a cup of tea and biscuits afterwards when there were quite a few questions about handbells and handbell ringing.