July 2018

Noyes Fludde, Lichfield Cathedral 7July 2018.


AHR Team with Stephen Threlfall, Director of Music, Chethams Music School, just before the performance began.

Heavenly Handbell Ringers - impressions of the experience...

1.  Sue Robins 8.7.18

Excited - to be asked to ring
Terror - are we good enough !
Courage - of course we can.
Practice - quite a difficult piece. 
Apprehension - what are we letting ourselves in for.
Comfort - Wendy not conducting .... no comfort blanket !!
Confidence - we’ve got it. We can do it.
Conductor - builder of confidence
Enjoyment - such an honour to be part of the performance with so many talented youngsters.  
Elated- we gave it our best and were complimented  on our ringing.
Lesson -  have confidence.  We can do it. 


2.  Jean Reilly 11.7.18

What an amazing day!  One of the best adventures you can ever...