February 2019

Draycott Bells Concert 10.2.19

What a lovely audience! Everyone in the Church Hall was very welcoming. As we began to play our opening music, “Celebration”, there was a “feel good” factor straight away. We were all determined to play everything with feeling and to the best of our ability together with good dynamics and no racing away!

Our peripheral vision was totally concentrated on Wendy”s wand!

The audience looked rapturous; that is, what little I could see of them without taking my eyes off the music.

My daughter, Lucy and my two grandchildren were in the audience, sitting on the front row. I was determined that, as a team, we gave a good impression. I even tried to smile a little as I played!

In some of the pieces Morgan, the youngest, looked mesmerised but I have to admit in some parts of the performance they both looked pretty tired and a little bored...

Bells at Draycott 10.2.19

It was a packed house when I arrived at the cosy church hall with 3 minutes to spare. Luckily for me I had a front row seat with my two children as my mum was one of the bell ringers!

The bells, music and associated paraphernalia were laid out on sumptuous velvet, whilst the ringers were dressed in black with matching scarves; dapper bow-ties for the men! All looked very professional, from the tiniest bell my son tested out, to the largest, which wouldn't have looked out of place in a church tower!

The ringers began their first set, the melodious and mesmerising tones filling the sunlit hall. The pieces were varied and played to perfection, ranging from tunes from popular musicals to original compositions for handbells, capturing the beauty of the stars and the aurora. The concentration on the faces of the ringers was evident- timing is key!


A Sideways Look at a Concert

Thursday the thirteenth in the month of December

Although a cold night, a night to remember.

Off into the hills, a concert  for us all.

The venue to be played at was Whiston village hall.


Time to set up and check you have the right bell,

Put the C.D's on a table during the interval to sell.

Time for a photograph: let's all form a group.

The young one with no tie at the back he must stoop.


To ring a selection of pieces was our intent

As we all looked forward to this special event.

A Women's Institute party with gifts and balloons,

Fancy hats, Christmas trees and other festoons.


With bells nicely polished and music on stands

We stood at the ready with bells in our hands.

Wendy set us all going and as time did elapse

One of the stands, it decided, to have...